Gray Partridge
Lifesize Decorative Carving

Size: 10″L X 10″W X 12″H

Price: $2500


I often shoot gray partridge (called “Huns” or Hungarian partridge locally) while hunting chukar in Hell’s Canyon or the Owyhee Mountains. They are strong flyers and usually flush as a covey as opposed to chukar. I’ve also hunted them in central Montana and in Alberta, Canada.. This carving is in a collection in Alberta. These birds hang out around old barns and abandoned equipment, and are sometimes¬†treated as pets by some¬†farmers because of their proximity to the homestead. I’ve never had a problem getting permission to hunt waterfowl from Alberta farmers, but many want their sharptail grouse and gray partridge left alone. If I were a landowner with Huns nearby, I might protect them too.