Wingshot Harley

Wingshot Harley Lifesize Decorative Drake Harlequin Duck Size: 22″L X 16″ W X 18″H Price: $5000 SOLD This carving was a commission for an outfitter in Alberta, Canada. The outfitter, Wingshot Outfitters, surprised me  because their waterfowl outfitting business is located in the heart of the prairie where their main quarry are marsh ducks and…

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Miniature Drake Wood Duck

 Drake Wood Duck 1/3 Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 9″L X 9″ W X 8″ H Price: $2000.00 I love wood ducks, and wanted to show a resting drake on a partially sunken snag. To bring the composition together, I turned the base for this carving from purpleheart, a South American hardwood that  ages to a patina that…

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Blue Duck Decorative Decoy

Blue Duck Decoy Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 14″L X 6″W X 9″H Price: $2500.00 SOLD This is the decoy version of the Blue Duck, based on reference I did while in New Zealand. A more detailed discussion of this species is found in the narrative included with the decorative standing carving on this site

Blue Duck Decorative

Blue Duck Decorative Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 16″L X 12″W X 16″H Price: $ 5000.00 SOLD This carving was commissioned by a lodge in New Zealand. Blue ducks are endangered, with only about 5,000 remaining on the North Island, their sole location. The lodge owner has photographed several in the river near the lodge. Luckily,…

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