Long Billed Curlew Gunning Decoy

Long Billed Curlew Lifesize Gunning Decoy Sixe: 20″L X 6″W X 20″L Price” $1500.00 I enjoy doing gunning decoys, which are smooth birds with detailed painting. Gunning shorebirds are traditionally mounted on a dowel, simulating the way shorebird decoys were carved by market hunters. This carving portrays one of my favorite shorebirds. I see them locally, as…

Blue Duck Decorative Decoy

Blue Duck Decoy Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 14″L X 6″W X 9″H Price: $2500.00 SOLD This is the decoy version of the Blue Duck, based on reference I did while in New Zealand. A more detailed discussion of this species is found in the narrative included with the decorative standing carving on this site