Cackling Canada Goose Decorative Decoy

Cackling Canada Goose Decorative Decoy, Lifesize Decorative Carving

Size: 16″L X 8″W X 12″H Price: $5,000


Like most waterfowlers, I love Canada geese, and of the 10 subspecies currently recognized, Cacklers are my favorite. They possess all the markings and beauty of the species, but are the smallest subspecies. In body size and weight, they compare to a mallard more than the larger subspecies of Canadas, although with greater wingspan they can be mistaken for their larger cousins on a foggy day. 

Their short, stubby bills help make identification easier. I hunt Canada geese in Alberta often, and have the opportunity to see many of the /Canada subspecies  close up, and I’ve come to appreciate these little guys. This carving is in a waterfowl hunting lodge in Alberta.