Wingshot Harley

Wingshot Harley Lifesize Decorative Drake Harlequin Duck Size: 22″L X 16″ W X 18″H Price: $5000 SOLD This carving was a commission for an outfitter in Alberta, Canada. The outfitter, Wingshot Outfitters, surprised me  because their waterfowl outfitting business is located in the heart of the prairie where their main quarry are marsh ducks and…

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Western Meadowlark

Western Meadowlark Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 12″L X 10″W X 20″H Price: 2500.00 SOLD Western meadowlarks are common in the mountain valley where I live, and their songs are ubiquitous. They leave us only for the winter, and throughout the rest of the seasons we delight in their presence. As I’ve travelled in Louisiana and…

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Miniature Red Tailed Hawk

 Red Tailed Hawk Miniature Decorative Carving Size: 6″ L X 6″ W X 12″ H Price: $2000.00 SOLD Redtails are common raptors throughout North America, and vary greatly in appearance. In the mountain valley where I live we see these birds regularly, and during their southward migration in the fall they seem to be found…

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Miniature Osprey

Trout for Dinner 1/2 Lifesize Osprey Size: 16″ L X 16″W X 28″H Price: $10,000 SOLD Growing up in Texas, I don’t recall seeing osprey. When I  began my career as a forester in the Siskiyou Mountains of Northern California, they were common along the Klamath River. I began a fascination with the species that…

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Miniature Drake Wood Duck

 Drake Wood Duck 1/3 Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 9″L X 9″ W X 8″ H Price: $2000.00 I love wood ducks, and wanted to show a resting drake on a partially sunken snag. To bring the composition together, I turned the base for this carving from purpleheart, a South American hardwood that  ages to a patina that…

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Miniature Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle 1/3 Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 16″L X 16″W X 20″ H Price: $4500 On trips to Alaska I have noticed Bald Eagles sitting on driftwood or alders along rivers, waiting for a chance at salmon carcasses left by bears. For this carving, I carved the remnants of an alder killed by flooding on…

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Marsh Wren

Marsh Music – Marsh Wren Lifesize Bronze – Edition of 25 L: 10″ W: 10″ H: 24″ Price: $1,750

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Longbilled Curlew Decorative Carving

Longbilled Curlew  Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 20″L X 10″W X 29″H Price: $3500.00 SOLD This species is one of my favorite shorebirds, and was commissioned by a farmer in Alberta, Canada. His farm hosts many curlews, and he enjoys seeing them as he works in the fields.He originally saw a gunning version of the curlew…

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Long Billed Curlew Gunning Decoy

Long Billed Curlew Lifesize Gunning Decoy Sixe: 20″L X 6″W X 20″L Price” $1500.00 I enjoy doing gunning decoys, which are smooth birds with detailed painting. Gunning shorebirds are traditionally mounted on a dowel, simulating the way shorebird decoys were carved by market hunters. This carving portrays one of my favorite shorebirds. I see them locally, as…

Lilac Breasted Roller

Lilac Breasted Roller Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 10″L X 8″W X 12″H Price: $3500.00 SOLD I’m represented by a Montana gallery that specializes in African subjects. At their request, I completed this colorful bird for the Safari Club International convention. I placed the bird on a carved branch simulating a thorn tree. I hope to someday visit…

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Gray Partridge

Gray Partridge Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 10″L X 10″W X 12″H Price: $2500 SOLD I often shoot gray partridge (called “Huns” or Hungarian partridge locally) while hunting chukar in Hell’s Canyon or the Owyhee Mountains. They are strong flyers and usually flush as a covey as opposed to chukar. I’ve also hunted them in central…

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Evening Grosbeak

Evening Grosbeak 12″ X 12″ X 12″ Price: $2,000 Sold Evening grosbeaks return to my area of Idaho In May, and are often present on the feeders outside my studio by the dozen. Once they move in, other birds have a difficult time getting at the feeders. They are gluttens, sitting at the feeders and…

Common Roadrunner

Common Roadrunner Lifesize Decorative Carving Sixe: 22″L X 12″W X 18″H Price: $8,000.00 SOLD I grew up in Texas seeing roadrunners, and have also lived around them in the mountains of Southern California. They have always been a favorite of mine.  As a youngster in Texas, I recall them being called by the nickname “Paisano”.   A…

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Carmine Bee Eater

Carmine Bee Eater Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 14″L X 10″W X 14″H Price: $3500 SOLD Like the Lilac Breasted Roller included in the site, this bird was carved to the gallery in Montana that represents me. I  look forward to seeing and photographing these birds someday.

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Blue Duck Decorative Decoy

Blue Duck Decoy Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 14″L X 6″W X 9″H Price: $2500.00 SOLD This is the decoy version of the Blue Duck, based on reference I did while in New Zealand. A more detailed discussion of this species is found in the narrative included with the decorative standing carving on this site

Blue Duck Decorative

Blue Duck Decorative Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 16″L X 12″W X 16″H Price: $ 5000.00 SOLD This carving was commissioned by a lodge in New Zealand. Blue ducks are endangered, with only about 5,000 remaining on the North Island, their sole location. The lodge owner has photographed several in the river near the lodge. Luckily,…

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Belted Kingfisher

Belted Kingfisher Lifesize Decorative Carving Size: 12″L X 12″ W X 14″H Price: $3500 These birds are very common where I live, and I like to watch them as they fish along our rivers. This bird is a female, and is perched on a dead limb of a lodgepole pine. I chose to carve the…

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