Gray Partridge

Gray Partridge, Lifesize Decorative Carving

Size: 10″L X 10″W X 12″H
Price: $2500


I often shoot gray partridge (called “Huns” or Hungarian partridge locally) while hunting chukar in Hell’s Canyon or the Owyhee Mountains. They are strong flyers and usually flush as a covey as opposed to chukar. I’ve also hunted them in central Montana and in Alberta, Canada.. This carving is in a collection in Alberta. These birds hang out around old barns and abandoned equipment, and are sometimes treated as pets by some farmers because of their proximity to the homestead. I’ve never had a problem getting permission to hunt waterfowl from Alberta farmers, but many want their sharp tail grouse and gray partridge left alone. If I were a landowner with Huns nearby, I might protect them too.